EuropeRails.Com is your one source for European rail travel. Experience the romance, adventure, convenience and reliability of European rail travel. The only way to see Europe! Eurail passes offer fantastic value and allow you to travel Europe the way the Europeans do. We've made it extremely easy to research and securely buy your pass Online. Find great rail deals on Eurail passes such as Flexipass, Selectpass, etc., BritRail passes, Point-to-point tickets, Eurostar and on many more trains throughout Europe.

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 European Rail Travel Resources:
European Rails

European Rails:
European Rails is your one-stop online source for Europe's most popular travel destinations. Whether you are traveling by rail for a few days or a few months, you'll find the right pass on this site. We help you every step of the way. Decide which pass is best for you, buy the ticket online, and you'll have your rail pass delivered to your door within 2 business days...more »

Rail Europe

Rail Europe:
Rail Europe is your one source for European travel. Not only do we provide the famous Eurailpass Eurail Selectpass, for travel in continental Europe, we now offer a complete line of British products, plus point-to-point tickets on any route in Europe. We offer the most extensive line of European rail and rail-related travel products, covering 35 European countries...more »

GW Travel Ltd.

GW Travel Ltd.:
Travel by high quality private train on the Trans-Siberian Railway, one of the world's most unique rail journeys. Between Moscow, St Petersburg & Vladivostok on the Pacific coast we stop off at all the most interesting places along the route. Touring by & sleeping on a fully equipped private "Hotel-on-Wheels" offers, by far, the most enjoyable way to travel throughout Russia...more »

Rail Connection

George Drury:
George Drury has been traveling by train on his own and as a group tour leader throughout North America and Europe since 1961. He is known for his rail travel articles in Trains Magazine and his bimonthly column in Railfan & Railroad Magazine. Drury's books are essential for folks who want to see Europe by train. Books include suggestions for day trips, glossaries, hotel...more »

 Europe Rail Travel Guides:

The following section lists the recommended rail travel guides for europe. There are many other books on european rail travel which offers information on tourist railways, excursion trains, private railcars, etc. Please visit our : Your complete online railroad book store.

The Reluctant Railfan’s Introduction to Europe:
The book is an introduction to the railroads of Europe for the North American rail enthusiast who knows North American railroads well and is being taken more or less reluctantly to Europe for the first time. It includes suggestions for trips, hotel recommendations, and glossaries.

Europe Beyond the Tunnel:
A rail-oriented travel guide to northwest Europe, the area within a few hours of the south portal of the Channel Tunnel. It includes maps, information on cities, and suggestions for trips.

Railfan Guide to Britain & Ireland:
An introduction to the railroads of Britain and Ireland for the rail enthusiast — the person who would rather visit Paddington and Kings Cross Stations than Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. It includes suggestions for trips, glossaries, hotel recommendations, and short histories of British and Irish railroads.

Railfan Guide to Germany:
An introduction to the wide range of German railroads, aimed at the rail enthusiast, the person who would rather watch trains in Munich's main station than prowl through the beer tents of Oktoberfest. It includes suggestions for trips, hotel recommendations, glossaries, and information on German railroads, with an emphasis on the steam-powered narrow gauge lines of former East Germany

Railfan Guide to Austria:
guide to Austria for the person who is interested in the railroads of that country. The book includes suggestions for trip, hotel recommendations, glossaries, and information on Austrian railroads.

Railfan Guide to Switzerland:
A guide to Switzerland for the person who is more interested in the railroads of Switzerland than in the mountains, lakes, chalets, and fondue pots. The book include suggestions for day trips, hotel recommendations, glossaries, and information on Swiss railways.

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